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Review – What The Pitta!

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Plant-based alternatives like What The Piitta! can have a huge benefit on both our health and the environment. However even though meat-free is the compassionate, healthy, ethical and environmental choice, sometimes it's also the hardest choice.

Cards on the table, I used to be a chef - a dirty, meat-eating, animal butchering chef. During my 15 years ‘behind enemy lines’ I worked in some of the best kitchens in London, and got to experience some of the most amazing textures and flavours. Since my almost overnight conversion to a plant based diet, I find a lot of the food a bit disappointing and crave the great textures and flavours from my chef days. But then I discovered What The Pitta! It was love at first taste and we’ve been almost inseperable ever since.

What The Pitta! is a fast food outlet that is 100% vegan + plant-based. They make most of their menu items from scratch, in-house, by hand, including hummus, tzatziki and pitta breads.

According to the talented (and super friendly) staff, the ‘meat’ is actually soy, marinated in a magical blend of 24 herbs and spices. The flavour and texture of the kebab meat is incredible and when combined with the amazing pickles, salads and condiments, it’s vegan heaven. And it’s not just vegans that love it, I’ve watched many lost carnivores accidentally wander into What The Pitta! and leave forever converted to tasty, authentic, cruelty free kebabs.

What The Pitta! vegan doner is insanely good! And even if you’re not vegan you should definitely eat here for a healthier dose of junk food. A regular kebab contains on average 2,000 calories – 80% of your GDA – and almost double your salt requirement. Compare that to around 800 calories per portion in a What the Pitta! kebab. The price is reasonable given that the food is freshly prepared in house and the portion sizes are huge.

I love What The Pitta! This place is a MUST for vegans and carnivores in London.


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